South Africa

South Africa: A Redefining Trip

Before attending my trip to South Africa through the Mellon Initiative, I never thought I would get the opportunity to travel abroad, especially to Africa. Coming from a single family household, I never thought traveling abroad would happen for me due to financial constraints and fear of the unknown. When I was accepted to participate… Continue reading South Africa: A Redefining Trip

South Korea

Mellon Initiative – South Korea

When presented with the opportunity to apply for the initiative, I reviewed the list of identified countries and went to the CIA Factbook for country specific information (location, weather, population, demographics, etc.) and Department of State website to review current information on political, social and threat levels. Fortunately, I was able to have conversation with… Continue reading Mellon Initiative – South Korea


Angelina with Atlantis (Week 1)

Monday’s, Tuesday’s, Thursday’s and Friday’s are days of shadowing at the hospital. Wednesday’s are days of excursions. Tuesday May 22nd was the first day in the hospital and i got the wonderful opportunity to shadow a gynecologist named Ana. We had conversations in English and some in Spanish. She showed me around the maternity hospital… Continue reading Angelina with Atlantis (Week 1)

Bennett College

Bennett Without Borders

The Center for Global Studies will host a “Bennett Without Borders” ACES program on Thursday, February 9, 2017. This ACES program will be interactive and will feature guest speaker, Jose Oliva. Thursday’s ACES program will address immigration issues, religious differences, and President Donald Trump’s executive order. We invite you to join us in discussing these… Continue reading Bennett Without Borders

Bennett College

Mellon Initiative Application

Application provided here:   Mellon Initiative Application The 2017 Mellon Initiative is a program designed for Bennett College students who are keenly interested in experiencing a fully-funded, short-term international experience. Sponsored by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, the goal of this initiative is to form partnerships with foreign institutions for ongoing collaboration with Bennett and to… Continue reading Mellon Initiative Application

Bennett College

Passport Scholarship Application

The Center for Global Studies provides U.S. passport scholarships of up to $135.00, an amount intended to equal the application cost for a United States Passport, to Bennett College students who are intending to participate in study abroad programs while attending Bennett College. Therefore, priority for passport funds will be given to students who are in freshwoman,… Continue reading Passport Scholarship Application

Bennett College

Spring 2017 Newsletter

The Center for Global Studies at Bennett College is pleased to release its most recent newsletter! Click the photo above to view the entire Spring 2017 Newsletter . This edition of our newsletter features: Passport Scholarship Information International Education Week Recap Welcoming New Center for Global Studies Staff Dr. Mary Stephens travels to Athens, Greece for Curriculum Development Intensive… Continue reading Spring 2017 Newsletter


Breaking Boundaries

In August 2016 Shemiah Curry ’16 began an 11-month journey in Rwanda to serve as a volunteer for the ELCA’s Young Adults in Global Mission program. Shemiah is currently still making a difference by teaching English and working with women in the Rwandan communities. I visited Shemiah in Rwanda for Christmas! I can’t express enough how… Continue reading Breaking Boundaries