Angelina with Atlantis!

pic 1My name is Angelina Bryant, I am a Junior majoring in Biology at Bennett College. Bennett College is located in Greensboro North Carolina and is one of the two Historically Black Colleges (HBCU) for women in the United States.  After graduation I plan to enroll in medical school.    My goal is to work in an OB/GYN practice in low-wealth communities like the one I was raised in. Growing up in my community, we did not have much access to medical care.

I have recently been accepted into the summer 2017 Atlantis Project Pre-Med Fellowship Abroad The Atlantis Project Fellowship is a 3 to 8 week pre-medical international fellowship program for students who plan to apply and complete medical school. This program is committed to allowing students to spend 20+ hours per week shadowing doctors in multiple specialties in hospitals abroad in Europe and South America.

Studying abroad through the Atlantis Project program is a chance for me to purse educational opportunities in a different country. It will help me understand how different countries provide accessible health care in different societies. Growing up in San Francisco, California, I lived in and was exposed to many different cultures and communities. Having the opportunity to shadow medical professionals in various settings will increase my knowledge about different types of medical professions and give me a better understanding of what it takes to succeed in the medical field.

On May 21st I arrived at Charlotte International Airport to get on my flight to Spain.  I made it to the airport in enough time to get through customs (which was a headache in itself), stop by the currency exchange were I changed my American money into Euros, and grab something to eat. As I anxiously waited at my gate for my flight to start boarding I contacted all of my friends and family to let them know I was boarding soon and I will let them know when I arrive in Spain.
As I got on the plane I began to feel it was all so surreal and remembering all the things that I had to do and the people that helped me get to this point.  I know that with out God this blessing of studying aboard would have not come true and I thank him for that. Once I got on the plane and got settled in my seat I said my prayers and was ready for take off.  During the flight they fed us dinner that was not so pleasing to my appetite, but it was food and I was hungry lol. They gave us chicken in a light brown gravy, rice, a roll, Swiss cheese with crackers, a small salad, caramel brownie and water. After the meal I slept for the rest of the flight.

Pic 1

8 hours and 30 mins later I arrived in Madrid, Spain where I got my luggage and headed to the bus station. It was hard to read the signs because a lot of them were in Spanish, but I used the little Spanish I knew to get to the bus station which, was a success. I got on the bus to Zaragoza and slept the entire way there. Three hours later I arrived at the Zaragoza bus station, grabbed my luggage and found a taxi. I asked the taxi driver if he knew where Hotel Horus is and he responded “Si”. I was in the taxi for 10 mins and we arrived at the front of the hotel.

I walked into the hotel and was greeted by my Atlantis Project site manager and the owner of the hotel. They got me settled into my room and went over a few house rules.

ANGELINA                                                                                        Shortly after that I had the chance to meet all of the other fellows who would be participating in the 3 -week programs with me.

Getting here was a little challenging, but i am so excited to see what Day 1 of professional shadowing through the Atlantis Project has to offer.




Angelina Bryant ’18 – Biology Major





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